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Web Trek Connect

Is an email program designed specifically for people who have significant difficulties with reading, writing, or the complex interfaces of mainstream email programs. Web Trek Connect works with MAPI compliant programs like Outlook or Netscape Mail.

When used with AbleLink's Discovery Desktop, it provides the capability for any number of people to each have their own private email account if using a shared computer.

Web Trek

is a fully functioning web browser that improves access to the World Wide Web for people with a Learning Difficulty. Specifically, it provides multimedia tools designed to provide non-text based formats for searching the internet, saving and retrieving favourite sites and to develop a better understanding of Web content.






Provides a default assessment that presents 60 video clips representing 12 job categories in a forced -choice format. Two video clips are presented consecutively. After both job video clips have been viewed, the user is prompted to select the job they liked best. This process continues until all video clips have been viewed , about 20-25 minutes. Assessments can be personalised by teachers or staff by limiting the number of job categories represented , results are retained in the system. Three different reports can then be generated providing varying levels of detail . One of these reports is largely picture based and is intended for review by the end user.



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